Excellent and growing portfolio of work in schools and colleges.

Special school extended classroom

Classroom extension Interior

Their work has included building classroom extensions,replacing  toilet and bathroom facilities; creating a futuristic ‘classsroom’ environment, and refurbishing a science laboratory.

Their project management skills, sensitivity and reliability are also valuable, guaranteeing that deadlines and the needs of the school population are are met.

Special School changing bed

Changing facility for disabled pupils

PJB Solutions’ experience in disability adaptations is particularly valuable as councils strive to allow disabled youngsters to stay in mainstream schools, and they have done many projects creating bathroom facilities and ramps and other mobility aids for disabled youngsters in a school environment.



New classroom, futuristic design

Classroom interior for Schools for the future

Classroom Environment

Schools for the future, classroom

New bathroom facility in a primary school, Bridgwater

new bathroom facility in primary school

Special school toilets, Bristol

Toilets for special school