PJB Solutions case study

External Lighting in Care Home Car Parks

Job External car park lighting.
Client Somerset Care
Completed February 2015
Trades Electrical
Value £4k
Description / key tasks

Care homes have staff coming and going at all times so effective lighting is essential for security and staff safety as well as visiting doctors, other professionals and relatives.

PJB worked with Somerset Care to resolve a number of issues. Firstly the simple replacement of lights in the car parks of 4 separate homes was completed in a 3 day period, working in the very early morning, using hired  equipment to access high level lighting installations.

Secondly, because of concerns that the existing lights were a potential nuisance for close neighbours, PJB used their considerable experience to design and implement a lighting scheme that used motion sensors and dimmer bulbs, effectively reducing nuisance but maintaining safety.

Challenges & successes

Early mornings to avoid busy car parks

Minimising hire costs

Testimonial contact